Pikesville Baltimare MD Chiropractor

What We Do

Using a number of non-surgical and drugless techniques — spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation — Drs. Stein and Lerman will help you feel better and advise you on how to stay that way. Both are licensed to perform physiotherapy. In addition, they will make recommendations on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that complete your program for improved and sustained wellness.

Pikesville Baltimare MD Chiropractor

What This Means to You

Drs. Stein and Lerman have the diagnostic skills to differentiate health conditions that are amenable to chiropractic management from those requiring referral or comanagement by medical doctors. Since they are well connected and well regarded within the medical community, they will consult and coordinate with your medical doctor or other specialist, if need be.

Pikesville Baltimare MD Chiropractor

What Makes Us Different

For almost two decades, Drs. Stein and Lerman have been treating patients in their own private practice. They are not part of an out-of-state medical conglomerate or an adjunct to a local hospital. They take a special interest in their patients from the moment that patient enters their facility.

Pikesville Baltimare MD Chiropractor

Our Offices

Patients look forward to visiting the practice because the treatments feel so good, and are directed by the doctors themselves, rather than an assistant or some lesser-trained medical personnel. And, someone is always on call for emergency situations so there is a comfort level knowing that even if the office is closed, a doctor is just a phone call away.


We have offices in Pikesville and Baltimore.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Call 410-581-9966 or email us at info@steinlerman.com

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